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Which type of lubricant should I use?

Our experts recommend that you use a lubricant which is not sticky and does not attract dust and dirt. Consult your owner's manual to find a type that will best suit your specific system, as certain types can leave smudges and cause dirt to accumulate, or possible damage certain materials.

How do I keep the opener motor in good condition?

There is nothing specific that you have to do. You should not let it overheat, but this is easily achieved with basic dust removal and sensible use. Check your owner's manual for any specific directions. You should adhere to its instructions strictly.

What are the important safety features I should consider?

Garage doors have different safety features, but emergency mechanisms are required. Some are even installed with lights so you could see in the dark. But in general, they should have a reversing mechanism and a manual operation option for cases of power outage.

Is steel a better option?

Steel garage doors are more secure and stronger compared to aluminum, wood and fiberglass doors. This type of door also has many design options like the standard raised panel and the carriage design. The great thing about this type of door is that this does not require regular maintenance. If you think you need this one, our garage door repair experts in Channelview can help you find one that you need.

Can I have a multicode remote but only one garage door?

Multicode remotes are designed to work with more than one garage door and gates. You program each button to work with a different opener and it's not necessary to activate all buttons at once. Though, why get one if you don't need it?

How do I check opener wirings?

Make sure the sockets are okay. Then open the cover of your garage door opener unit and make sure wiring ends up at all terminals and nothing is worn. You should also check the wires of the sensors and make sure they are connected well too and they are not damaged. This is vital for your safety, and our technicians can help you out.

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